“Nature’s child” and “Creed for Life”

I’ve been sorting out some drawers and came across these poems. Mavis.

Nature’s child

Oh but I love to sing
Of pear and apple spray,
The green-gold gems of Spring,
The summer-ripened hay.

The loveliness of leaves
Jewelled with light and shade;
The patterns noonday weaves
On floors the sun has made.

The sway of emerald boughs
In skies of streaming blue;
Gay wings the woodlands house
When bird calls bird to woo.

I love a foxglove wild
As well as cultured rose,
For I am Nature’s child
And kin to all that grows.

From Quintet, a book of poems by Walter Nugent Sinkinson

Creed for Life

Help the weak if you are strong,
Love the old if you are young,
Own a fault if you are wrong,
If you’re angry hold your tongue
In each duty
Lies a beauty,
If your eyes you do not shut,
Just as surely
And securely
As a kernel in a nut.