Network Counselling and Training

For the last decade or so Tyndale has sent a financial gift at Christmas to this important local charity whose purpose is to provide an affordable counselling service in the context of a Christian ethos.

The Covid-19 pandemic affects our country and society in many ways, one of which is that the income of all charities has fallen, while the need for their services has increased. The need for both counselling and emotional interventions has dramatically increased over the past month, and Network is needed as much as ever. Fear, uncertainty, loss of income, loss of social supports and isolation, being kept indoors, and bereavement or fear of bereavement – a combination of all these factors is causing anxiety, depression and relationship breakdown for the first time for some people, and exacerbating underlying vulnerability in others.

Network Counselling and Training is facing the most serious financial challenge in its history by expecting to lose between one and two thirds of our income as a direct result of this crisis.

Two months ago the Trustees faced the possibility of having to close Network down, so decided to share the problem with their friends. In response to Network’s Crisis Appeal the total to date has reached £53,820 and is still rising. This enormous amount of money is the result of some people donating their salary for a period, waiving their fees or undertaking sponsored events.  Because of the Appeal and the forbearance of three mortgage and loan providers, the Trustees are now confident that Network can continue to operate.

If you would like to support this important work please visit their website or speak to me.

Michael Whitfield