Not another Easter

It came as rather a shock. John was not that old, and he had only been ill for a short time. So his death shocked the many who knew him. But we were in for another shock.

He was a prominent member of the Baptist community – former Association President, leading member of his local church, and popular in the town, too. So many people wanted to pay their respects that his own church was too small and the funeral was at the local parish church. Just before the service was about to begin – in he walked – John himself!! Talk about shocked! Another Lazarus? Of course we soon discovered what few of us had known – that he had an identical twin brother! Not another Lazarus then.

For Mary on that first Easter day it was the other way round. The man she accosted in the garden she mistook for the gardener. But this really was her friend, Jesus, and he had risen from the dead. Hallelujah!