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Poem – Where is God?

In this poem, the poet speaks about spiritual doubt especially when faced by negative experiences like death and other mishaps. He partially finds the answer to his question in the psalms.

‘Where is God now?’, I have been asked.
‘Where is God when his children die?
Where is God when all this evil is unmasked?

‘Where is God when families are torn apart
By their anxieties, and by the rule of law?
Where is your God when I lost heart?’

In truth, I was burdened by these words:
Where was my God; the very God I loved?
So I set out in search of God and travelled onwards.

And through my life, I did see hardship and death,
Fraud and hatred, separation and misery.
So I called out to God, all short of breath.

‘O Lord, where are you now, are you unmoved?
This world around me has been burdened!
Why has all this wasteful evil not been removed?’

And the words of the good psalmist cleared the air,
‘If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there:
if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.’ *

For not even death and hardship can sever our ties.
And if through prosperity, I have come to know You,
O Lord, let me learn to love You through my demise.

As I write these words, I still do not grasp Your ways.
But full of hope, in Your heart I confide my own.
Help us O God, so in our grief we may bear Your grace.

*Psalm 139

Daniel Spiteri

From Universe of Faith and shared by Michael Whitfield.