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14th June 2024

You may feel that you have already had quite enough of the coming general election. I certainly do, I find myself leaving the room to avoid hearing certain politicians who, yet again, have found their way onto my TV screen.

But as I write this there are still over three weeks to go and we should be approaching the campaigns and the poll seriously and prayerfully. The bishops of the Church of England have “issued a call to put prayer and participation at the heart of the General Election campaign” and have started a campaign called #PrayYourPart “to promote prayer and participation in the life of our nation and communities, both as voters and as citizens”. You can find out more by clicking this link and you can sign up for their daily election reflections at this link.

The Compassion website suggests that we might pray as follows.

1) Pray for all the candidates standing for election. Ask that God will grant them peace as they await the results.

2) Give thanks to God that we live in a country where we have the right to vote.

3) Pray that the election will go peacefully and for protection over all those manning the stations and over voters.

4) Elections can be a time of uncertainty. Take a moment to pray for those who may be feeling anxious or worried.

5) Pray for those who will be voting for the first time in this election; that young people will feel equipped with the knowledge they need to cast their vote.

6) No matter what the election result, pray for the new government.

If you are out campaigning yourself, may God go with and bless your endeavours.

Nick Parsons

7th June 2024

Have you noticed that virtually every month/week/day has now been appropriated by some charity or campaign? The National Trust is keen to bring them to the attention of volunteers each week. Otherwise, I would not know about most of them. So far this year from February I remember LGBT History Month, Blossom Month, Mental Health […]

5th June 2024

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the poem ‘Love bade me welcome’ by the metaphysical poet, George Herbert; and if you’re not, it’s time that were changed. Its formal title is Love (III), and it presents Love offering generous welcome and hospitality to a guest shamed to the core to be receiving […]

31st May 2024

Did you catch a recent BBC “The One Show” piece on “Primary School Assembly Bangers”. It would seem there’s quite a bit of nostalgia for, and some fond memories of, these primary school assembly songs. The programme featured a music teacher who is doing a national tour of singalongs – the one at the Hen […]

29th May 2024

‘Diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are much talked about today, and rightly so. If any group to which we belong is not, without good reason, really reflecting our wider society in terms of age, gender, colour and social background we need to ask why. This isn’t being ‘woke’. It’s a matter of integrity and justice, and not […]

24th May 2024

“I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you. He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth. The world cannot receive him, because it isn’t looking for him and doesn’t recognize him. But you know him, because he lives with you now and later will […]

22nd May 2024

I am currently reading the biography of a 20th century prime minister. In the first chapter the biographer writes about one of the future prime minister’s schoolmasters who had a profound influence on him, as he himself acknowledged. This school master also happened to be a great friend of my father. Sadly he didn’t live […]

17th May 2024

BABEL AND PENTECOST One of the mysterious but powerful figures in the early chapters of Genesis is Nimrod, great grandson of Noah [Genesis 10, 8-12], perhaps more familiar to us through Elgar’s stirring music from the Enigma Variations than from scripture. Described as ‘mighty upon the earth‘ [1 Chronicles 1, 10], Nimrod’s name in Hebrew […]

15th May 2024

Finding God in the Small Things I love this time of year. As I write the sun is shining and it makes me feel good. Some of my favourite wildflowers come out in spring. Near where I used to live there is a field that is covered in Cowslips in the spring. And a short […]

8th May 2024

It is now five months since the coffee shop relaunched as a Renew Wellbeing café. We have done this following the work of the Renew Wellbeing charity run by Ruth Rice, a Baptist minister based in Nottingham. One important part of the philosophy underpinning the work of the charity is that it is not something […]

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